My Answer To All The New ACTA PIPA SOPA Laws

Author: Steven Neiland

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There are a lot of laws being brought in and proposed to monitor and control the internet these days. In every country at almost the exact same time these laws and bills are springing up.

And its not just the new laws, its the new technologies that make it incredibly easy for official "agencies" to monitor average citizens "for our own protection". These technologies sound like science fiction, but they unfortunately are not...and some are already being used. just check out these 14 examples..

If it seems like big brother is watching, well he is and I have only one thing to say about it.


Oh and in case you are wondering...YES they are still trying to bring these laws in. They may rename them or attach them to other bills but they have not gone away. We need to maintain focus on blocking these type laws because once we lose our freedom we will may never get it back.

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